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Hi.. have you been wondering where to start in web developing, well i was a few years back, after some google searches i found what are the roles that people play in designing and developing a site, here is the complete story..
Generally the are three major roles people play in developing a web site

  • Content Developer
  • Designer / Graphic artist
  • Coder / Programmer
Content Developers:-
They are more of a Technical Writers,All the information in the websites are prepared by these people,they maintain the standard of the information through their Grammatical and good language knowledge, why do these people are so important take my blog for an example. If a sound English knowledged person has written this article it may be a bit more attractive,now you should have understand...
So what it takes to be a Content Developer,
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Spelling and Grammar of the relevant language.
  • Editing and Proof reading skills.
  • Basic knowledge about the Style elements CSS.
  • Ability to convince the visitor of the site through content.
Designer / Graphic artists:-
Designers work on the presentation of the contents,they design the layouts and all the attractive elements in a website.Without these people even an informative content is hard to stand out in the crowd.
A good designer knows these stuffs, and the best designer specialize in these,
  • Knowledge and Passion for various designing tools.(photoshop,fireworks,coreldraw,illustrator)
  • In depth Style Sheet knowledge CSS.
  • Ability to design in wysiwyg(What You See Is What You Get) editor
  • In depth knowledge in HTML.
Coder / Web Programmer:-
Web programmers,add functionality to the site.They concentrate more on behaviour rather than the appearance of the site,They are the gods in web developing.
Let's see what are the things need to be know to be a web coder,
  • Strong HTML knowledge.
  • Deep understanding of Client side scripting languages(Java Script).
  • Master in Server side scripting languages(PHP,ASPX,JSP).
I personally,like  these three roles,In addition there are many fields like Sem(Search engine marketing),extension developers,plugins developer and many roles.
This article is ment to give an insight of web development,There are lots of people who started as Content writers switched into Designers and Programmers.

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