Knowing more about your Web Browser:-
 Web browsers(See Wikipedia),you may think browser is just an application which render web pages, and wonder why i am talking about it,well browsers not only display webpages but also helps in creating,analyzing and modifying it.
There are plenty(actually a handful ones) of browsers available in the internet and wap world. "I am sticking with internet based browsers alone here." and your website will be viewed by it, after designing your web pages, as a developer you are in need to ensure that your web pages are compatible across all browsers
So what is the criteria in choosing browser for tests. It's generally based on the target audience of the site, most of the users use new browsers,and some may use dumb old browsers still in this fast moving internet.
so what are the browsers that counts..

  1. Internet Explorer - Microsoft
  2. Firefox - Mozilla
  3. Safari - Apple
  4. Chrome - Google
  5. Opera - Opera software ASA
  6. Flock
    The list is based on the usage share of the web browsers till October 2009
    The main reason behind these browser tests is the fact that different browser renders a page differently,and even the operating system in which they have installed leads to incompatibility, A web page on a windows environment IE is different from the same version IE on a different Operating System, say mac based one.
    So how do we solve this,simple by performing some browser tests on the web-pages.

    In the following post we will see how to perform these tests.

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