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Compatibility Tests and Multi Browser Testing:-
In the last post i was discussing about incompatibility and other problems that arise due to browsers,
So how to do testing?, before getting in to that you need to know what is compatibility and multi browser problem is.
People generally think that compatibility testing, is done across various browser, well if you too thought that way,then you were wrong, If you didn't it's great. Compatibility testing is done on a current version browsers and their previous ones and multi browser is only testing across various web browsers.
A few months back I was designing a Template for my friends blog, the template uses transparency for the post so that its nice background will be visible, I was working on firefox and since i use an windows environment i was having Internet Explorer(IE)-7, the template and everything was fine across these browsers when tested until my friend tested with his IE-6 browser,suddenly the transparency has gone from that page later when i did some google search i found that IE-6 doesn't support Transparency property, i am sure many would have been in such situation. Enough of my stories lets get into the fun part!!!!
So how to test,you can't practically install every browser out there and check it for yourself. some say they do, but its more complicated and only suitable for professionals.

If you are like me, want to do the testing but with minimum resources then this one will be perfect for you
click the screen shot to maximize and open it new window, browsershots this is a free site and it will be a bit slow based on the number of your browser selection. Here you can test both multi as compatibility of various browser
Don't forget to use screen size,color depth,java script,java and flash options

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